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Eco Tourism as a Door for Bali Tourism Growth

Posted by Admin on October 5, 2022

The Eco Tourism business might be a trend in Bali in 2023. The global pandemic caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus throughout the world is still a moment that has a tremendous impact on the economy and human life around the world.

This is still very much in everyone’s mind as the days are quite tough for all economic actors, both those who provide and those who need it.

The decline in people’s purchasing power, layoffs, and companies experiencing setbacks occurred in almost every country. Which forces everyone to adapt to new life habits amid an era called the “new normal”.

The closing of national borders is also a problem for every country, especially countries with incomes that rely on tourism. The absence of tourists coming to make the economic activity difficult in the country.

Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia that relies on economic activities from tourism activities so the pandemic that occurred became a hard blow to the Balinese economy.

However, amid the pandemic, Bali did not give up on continuing to find ways to survive in the midst of the onslaught and problems. Various creative ideas have emerged with solutions expected to help restore economic activity in Bali. One of them is to develop eco-friendly-based tourism.

3 Years of the pandemic have made nature grow rapidly, the air quality is back to normal again, and the bustle of the city does not cause congestion and excessive air pollution, which makes Bali’s nature again show its stunning beauty. This is seen as an opportunity by tourism businesses in Bali to be developed into something that can be enjoyed by everyone and is also useful for the environment.

Apart from the above factors, the fact that the world is making a transition from the old industry to the green industry is also starting to be seen, where many efforts are being made such as many companies starting to switch from gas power to electric power. This further shows that the world is trying to move towards an eco-friendly business.

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