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Posted by Admin on August 31, 2022

1500 Tourists Visit Nusa Penida Per Day

Good news coming from Nusa Penida, 1500 Tourists Visit Nusa Penida Per Day. Nusa Penida has become one of the tourist icons in Bali and is very famous among local and international tourists. As with Bali and other tourist areas, the impact of the global pandemic has been felt on this beautiful small island.

In the middle of 2022, there is fresh news that blows to the people in Nusa Penida and also tourism business actors in Bali, where it is reported that the number of tourists visiting Nusa Penida has increased. According to data from Anak Agung Putra Wedana, Head of the Klungkung Tourism Office. There are 1000-1500 tourists visiting Nusa Penida.

Before the pandemic occurred, tourists usually visit Nusa Penida from the end of July to September where tourists can feel the opportunity to see up close the migration process of Sunfish and Manta Ray fish that always pass through Nusa Penida.

Tourists can do many activities such as snorkeling while looking at Manta Rays, seeing small fish and coral reefs on shallower beaches, to enjoying the beauty of the cliffs found in Nusa Penida up close by using a motor boat.

In addition, Wedana also reminded us to always be careful while on vacation in Nusa Penida considering that there had been 2 incidents that occurred in Nusa Penida, one of which was Rabat Jean Pascal Brayn (30) who accidentally broke his arm because his arm hit a cliff in Nusa Penida. Penida.

Wedena also reminded us about the weather that changes quite extreme so that really extra attention is needed wherever these tourists are.

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